Introducing KubeAcademy Pro. 

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Modern Apps – Get Better Software into Production Faster

At VMworld 2020, we introduced KubeAcademy Pro—a free education program that grants members access to technical, product-agnostic Kubernetes training, exclusive workshops, virtual events with community leaders, instructor-led webinars, and more. The expert instructors at KubeAcademy design and deliver practical Kubernetes training for a variety of roles and skill levels, whether you’re new to Kubernetes or responsible for running it.

Let’s start at the end. In this keynote, the leaders defining our application modernization strategy will outline the impact we can drive together. We’ll highlight new announcements in the VMware Tanzu portfolio. And we’ll make it real by inviting Albertson’s to talk about how modern apps allowed them to respond in a time of crisis to better serve customers and grow their business. Read More

Breakout Sessions

September 29 – October 1 
Global. Virtual. Let's Get Started.

Featured Sessions

Visualize the fastest route to running Kubernetes in real-time—starting in vSphere and extending to multiple clouds. You’ll learn how to provision clusters, manage the lifecycle, and set global policies from a centralized control plane.

Make the best use of Kubernetes with your existing data center.

Extend Kubernetes to public clouds and edge environments.

Manage multiple Kubernetes clusters for multiple teams.


Explore the principles that fundamentally change the way your organization deploys software. VMware Pivotal Labs experts unpack microservices and APIs, and product leaders show the best use of automation along the path to production.

Build new cloud native applications with microservices and APIs.

Modernize existing applications for more security and resiliency.

Shorten the path to production.

Application Modernization


Customer Sessions

Deep Dive: Blending Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes on vSphere

Boskey Savla, VMware
Jared Ruckle, VMware

Inside the Tanzu Portfolio

Dormain Drewitz,  VMware

Delivering Essentials for Albertsons with VMware Tanzu Application Service

Gautham Pallapa, VMware
Bhuvan Padakanti, Albertsons Inc

Platform Ops in the Time of COVID-19: Telling the Tale

Brian Chang, VMware
Paul Pelafas, Health Care Service Corporation

Why vSphere and Kubernetes Just Make Sense

Ed Hoppitt, Director, VMware
Philip Buckley-Mellor, British Telecom

Intuit Story: See Kubernetes, Cloud and Apps with Tanzu Observability

Hassan Tahir, VMware
Ravishankar Rao, VMware
Calvin Bui, Intuit


VMworld Solution Keynote [MAP2656]

SVP/GM Modern Applications Platform Business Unit, VMware

Ajay Patel

James Watters

VP, Strategy

Vijay Luthra

Chief Technology Officer Northern Trust

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To modernize your data center to run VMs and containers side by side, get Kubernetes as part of vSphere with Tanzu Basic. Tanzu Basic embeds Kubernetes in the vSphere control plane for the best user experience. Provision clusters directly from vCenter and run containerized workloads with ease.

VMware Tanzu Basic

To manage VMs and containers across clouds, step up to Tanzu Standard. Tanzu Standard makes it simple to deploy the same, consistent Kubernetes distribution across on-premises, public clouds and edge. Centrally manage policy and security for every conformant Kubernetes cluster in your estate. Provide developers ready access to Kubernetes workspaces where they are free to build and observe their modern apps.

VMware Tanzu Standard

Get started with VMware Tanzu

VMware Tanzu offers two editions today that can simplify your Kubernetes adoption and lay the foundation for modern applications. Learn more.