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8 Steps to Migrate and Modernize Existing Apps

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Application modernization is taking on a new sense of urgency as the competition speeds up and customer demands shift. This means developing software better, faster, and more securely. Even then, although creating new applications is relatively simple, not all apps are built to keep pace with changing business needs—nor do they integrate easily with newer apps. Modernizing your existing app portfolio is a critical part of transformation success. In this ebook, we’ll uncover a practical approach to app modernization, plus a checklist of eight steps using cloud native principles.

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Chapter 1

Executive Summary

Chapter 2

Executives: Why You Should Care

Chapter 3

Intro to Containers

Chapter 4

Principles of Kubernetes

Chapter 5

How it Helps Your Business

Chapter 6

How Kubernetes Works

Chapter 7

What To Do Next?


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Here’s what you’ll learn:

"The goal of application modernization should be to deliver the specific set of benefits you need, not all possible benefits."
Practical guidelines for modernization based on cloud native principles
Important considerations surrounding team culture, portfolio prioritization, and technology
In-depth best practices for efficiently planning the next steps in your app modernization strategy

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