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How to Make Your Prometheus Monitoring Enterprise-grade

Prometheus has become a standard for monitoring Kubernetes, but even though it’s easy to get started with it, running it at scale has shown to be challenging for many organizations. For example, Prometheus monitoring lacks a native clustering capability and critical enterprise-readiness controls, both of which are necessary at scale. 

Tanzu Observability’s integration with Prometheus can help fill in the gaps and scale companies' growing monitoring needs.

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Chapter 1

Executive Summary

Chapter 2

Executives: Why You Should Care

Chapter 3

Intro to Containers

Chapter 4

Principles of Kubernetes

Chapter 5

How it Helps Your Business

Chapter 6

How Kubernetes Works

Chapter 7

What To Do Next?


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In this ebook, we explore how Tanzu Observability:

“As you grow and need scale, Prometheus doesn’t give you a single pane of glass for all your metrics (not to mention traces and other observability telemetry), persistent data storage, robust data analytics tools, smart-flexible alerting, or an inherent high-availability configuration. The Tanzu Observability by Wavefront platform can quickly solve these problems...”
Helps make Prometheus monitoring enterprise-ready with high availability, scalability, and granular policy controls.
Limits the disruption of migration by using  your existing Prometheus servers and endpoints.
Augments Prometheus with full-stack observability and advanced analytics to help DevOps and SRE teams quickly identify and troubleshoot performance issues.

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