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Get more apps to AWS and manage them more securely at scale with VMware modern apps and cloud management solutions.

Art Fewell
Technical Product Line Manager 
Wednesday, December 1 
1 PM–2 PM PT
Venetian, Lando

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Connect with VMware Tanzu at AWS re:Invent

VMware is excited to be a part of AWS re:Invent this year, and we’re excited to be seeing many of you in person again! We’ll be showcasing our solutions that are a key part of the AWS ecosystem, enabling your cloud transitions and aspirations.

Visit the Developer Experience and Kubernetes Operations pods at the VMware Booth (Booth 941)

AWS re:Invent | Nov 29–Dec 3, 2021 

Featured Demo

Speed the path to production with a consistent developer experience

Tanzu Application Platform on Amazon EKS

VMware Tanzu Application Platform delivers a superior developer experience for enterprises building and deploying cloud native applications on Kubernetes. It enables application teams to get to production faster by automating source to production pipelines, and it clearly defines the roles of developers and operators so they can work collaboratively instead of stepping on each other’s toes.


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Find VMware Tanzu Observability and CloudHealth by VMware at the AWS Marketplace Pavilion

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VMware modern application and cloud management solutions can simplify your cloud native journey, enabling you to accelerate your cloud adoption and consumption.

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Demo Set: VMware Tanzu Build Service

Product Demo: VMware Application Catalog

Expanding VMware Tanzu Application Service with the Cloud Service Broker for AWS

Tanzu Observability Overview

Integrating AWS account with Tanzu Mission Control

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid deployments on VMware Cloud on AWS

Get Up and Running with VMware Tanzu Community Edition in Minutes